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The Seymour High School Capstone Project provides an opportunity to identify areas of growth while exploring an area of personal or career interest. The development of the capstone experience will provide the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of Seymour High Schools learning expectations listed below.

  1. Students will think critically
  2. Students will communicate effectively and creatively
  3. Students will access, evaluate and use information for a variety of tasks and purposes

During the process, students will be responsible for choosing an area of interest to explore and investigate. Work will culminate in a presentation to a panel of community members, during this presentation the student will be able to express learning and growth. In addition to this, students will keep a personalized journal to record progress through the development of the project. The journal will include a conceptual outline of the project as well as personal reflections. This may be used to develop the reflection paper as a culminating portion of the entire experience.