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High School Administration

Core Values and Beliefs

Learning is a lifelong process that is driven by the passion which intrinsically motivates each student.

Seymour High School is committed to working with our families and the community to empower students by engaging in a challenging 21st century learning experience that provides access to real world application in a safe and respectful learning environment.

Students will develop meaningful connections with teachers while being held accountable for individual academic growth during their course of studies at Seymour High School

Diverse learning experiences respect the unique abilities of each individual while increasing ownership in intellectual exercise.

Learning Expectations

1. Students will think critically

2. Students will communicate effectively and creatively

3. Students will access, evaluate, and use information for a variety of tasks and purposes

Additionally, 21st century themes including global awareness, financial, business and civic literacy are interwoven in a student’s experience at Seymour High School through course selection over four years.

Team Members

James Freund

James Freund

Titles: Principal
Paul Lucke

Paul Lucke

Titles: Assistant Principal