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Be one of Seymour’s CHAMPIONS

A champion has a vision. A champion dreams of things that have not been and believes they are possible. A champion says, “I can.”

Creative - A student who shows unusual or original thinking, imaginative, inventive.

Hard-working – A student who is diligent, constantly putting effort into tasks, high level of focus or purpose.

Aware - Knowing that something exists, mindful, having knowledge or understanding of something and its impact.

Motivated – A student with a strong interest or desire, eager to accomplish a goal, ambitious, enthusiastic.

Perseverance – A student who has dedication, determination, and grit to complete something despite challenge or discouragement.

Integrity – A student who acts with honor and honesty, trustworthy, keeping your word.

Optimistic – A student who is hopeful, expecting good outcomes, believing in the positive.

Noble – A student with admirable, high moral principles, decent, upstanding, moral.

Seymour Champion – A student who represents all others in the CHAMPION attributes