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Lunch Payments


Paying for School Meals & Understanding Your Child’s Account Cash transactions are time-consuming at the register and sometimes overwhelming, and decreases the amount of time your child has to eat. Funds on account allow for a simple debit purchase, enhancing and improving your child’s dining experience. If you are concerned about how your child is spending their monies on account, the account can be limited to ensure that only a breakfast or lunch can be purchased. Before you formally request a limitation to be placed on your child’s account, please note that it is impossible to block certain items. You may request a block for no breakfast, lunch, or ala carte items such as an extra pizza. Snack items are purchased with cash only and cannot be deducted from their meal account unless you contact our office to allow such purchases. Please call our office at 203-888-4513 ext. 7 if you would like to consider placing a block on your child’s account.

How to Pay for School Meals

On-line Payments: Titan School Solutions is a state-of-the-art online service that offers you the convenience and information you need to manage your student’s meal account.

Titan School Solutions allows any parent to:  Log-in at at no cost to check student’s meal account balances and monitor the food items your student purchases at school.  Create settings at no cost to automatically receive a notification email when the balance on your student’s account is low.  Funds are typically deposited directly into your student’s meal account when making payments at There is a program fee of $2.60 each time you make a deposit. Seymour Public Schools does not receive this fee.  There is no cost to create an account, set up low balance email notifications or check purchase history and account balances!

You may also:  Prepay by depositing money into your child’ meal account to purchase breakfast and lunch. Students will bring the payment into school and will bring the payment to the cafeteria managers.  Daily Payments – students may pay daily as they go through the serving line. This method in discouraged as it does take time to accurately record the payment and will decrease the time your child has to eat.  We accept payments in the form of cash or checks. If you are sending cash in especially at the elementary level please be sure to include your child’s full name on the envelope.  If paying by check please make the check payable to: Seymour School Lunch Program Payment Policy The policy of the Nutrition Services Program is to pay for school meals before they are eaten. You can pay for meals in advance on your child’s account utilizing cash, a personal check, money order or by using our online prepayment system at

We understand at times, a student may have insufficient funds in their account. Should this be the case, they will be allowed to purchase a meal of their choice. Once there is a negative balance of three meals, students will receive an alternate meal.